Super thanks to: Borksy by ayolland, for the neat directional avatar hack <3

I hope you guys enjoyed it! 

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ah this was really good and also sad! I enjoyed it a lot :)

gyahh thank you for playing~!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™  So glad you enjoyed it :') 

Oh i just saw that you also submitted an entry for the jam! Definitely gonna check it out!

I seem to have gotten stuck in the basement...

But from what I saw, the game really does have a strong farmy atmosphere built up! Nice entry!


Oh noooes/// Thank you for you kind comment!
May I ask if you've put the pumpkins in their boxes?
If you have, then I have some bugs to fix!

I, ummm, well I didn't pick ALL the pumpkins from the orchard. I thought maybe we just needed the "choicest" one or something? But in the basement I did interact with the box to put the pumpkins in.


Bahahahha that's alright, we don't need all the pumpkins!
Ah you were on the right track then! There are two boxes there waiting for your pumpkins~
I guess I should add something to let people know, let me see what I can do!
Thanks so much for replying, RipplePoint!  It helps me make the experience better :'D

ah HA! I see what I did. So, for the box nearest the stairs, I just interacted with it from the SIDE, and, thinking it was a sprite trigger, I did not interact with the box again from the front by standing in front of it (I assume it was an item trigger).

Also, the aspect ratio of your game on itch is a bit squashed (no pun intended), so usually for Bitsy games you would fix the viewport to 560x560 or something (though you did have a fullscreen button which I used).

I just played to the end and...what a tear jerker...!  I really liked the emotional and literal walk through memory lane down the wheat field


What a wonderful game you've made! Love the colors and the dialogues. Especially the butt jokes, I'm ALL about those.


Ahhhh thank you so much for playing ! Gyahahahhaha yeah, butt jokes tend to make everything a little better :')


Don't you mean a buttload better? :D


OMGGG HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA that's a spanking way to put it!
I don't even know how to pun, why do I even try- - XDDDD


Because who can resist punning about butts? I mean, it totally slaps!


Bahahahhaha aaah I give up!! Apparently my list of butt vocabulary is not long enough X'DD Nice punning with you! Don't let me butt in your punning way though! //im sorry