Another bitsy game I made for fun using Adam Ledoux's Bitsy Editor V2.2.
Loosely inspired by my betta fish, Finn! Hehehehe XD
Hope you guys enjoyed it!

P.S: Did you find all the secrets?

Published Mar 07, 2017
Made withBitsy
Tagsaquatic, Bitsy, bitsy-editor, Comedy, fish, Pixel Art, underwater


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omg the ending xD it was very hard to find the room (i legit only found it bc i ended looking all over after seeing the comments) but it was very worth it!!! nice game :D


gaaassp! Congratulations!! And thank you for playing this little game <3
So glad that someone finally find the secret lair :'))) I'm so touched TvT

I had fun :)

I'm glad you had fun!
Did you get to the very ending?

I don't think so! :O

Huahahhaha XD How far did you get? Lemme give you a hint :D

I only got to the second room :O I thought that was it!

Ohnooo XD Okay, here's one: there are two more rooms to explore. Try to check everything, try to move everywhere. Hehehhee have fun!